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Great shots. You must have a very powerful camera.

It's really sad to think about the plight of this type of minimum wagers. They work so hard for so little. I cringe at the thought of them getting into an accident. Some might not even have proper health benefits/insurance to cover hospital bills. A sad reality.

Seeing Anew

My knees are wobbling just LOOKING at your photos. I just can't believe they climb up there wearing flip flops. At what price advertising!!!


Those billboards make Metro Manila one of the ugliest and dirtiest metropolitan areas in the world!


wow, I can't believe they are working so high up with so little safety. Actually I'm not surprised, that is the sad thing.


Not my kind of job, I can tell you!


That was my first thought, looking at these photos! Where's the safety harness? and are those flip flops?!!!
I wouldn't want to be doing their jobs, but darn it, you're right, their employers should have provided at least the minimum safety precautions. Since they couldn't even do this for their employees, I guess it would be too much to hope that they carry liability coverage for them too.

That truly is shameful that corporations continue to make millions at the expense of people like these.


Amazing story and pictures to illustrate the lack of concern for works and their lives. Solid photo work as usual.


I too enjoy your blog; you take photos of pertinent Philippine realities. Great, and enlightening photos on this entry!


You did it again! The most poignant photos, highlighting the plight of workers! Very impressive. I enjoy your Blog very much.


wow! frankly amazing, the size of those things!! i wouldn't want to be up one in any kind of wind (have any come down in tropical storms?)


There is no - *no way* - you would get me up there even if I had all the safety equipment in the world! Cracking set of shots Sidney!


that's one huge billboard! and, *gasp* that's a risk i could never take. very shocking that these people don't seem to mind the danger. i am very glad none of them became distracted by you. yikes! that is so scary! and sad as well. i could never allow someone who worked for me to take such a chance with their life!


Incredible! How'd you manage to take their pics? Anyway, it's really sad that these workers have no safety equipment. If something goes wrong, down they go! Again, great shot!


that's my question actually, how did you take their pictures?


hi the queerchef pimped me here! :)

Ashwathy Nair

Great shots!
Never guessed billboards could be this huge!


Great shots that show the enormity of their work, and nicely captured. Nice work!


The pictures are fascinating; how you manage to capture them at work.

The shocking part is that they don't use safety harnesses. The least they could do is to provide those workers with safety harnesses, boots, and all. But why ignore their safety and plus ... The billboards are so high up. It's scary. Hmm!


whoah, what zoom lens did you use for the close up shots? and where were you standing? :D

minium wage today is around a measly P6K :(


Now the size of the billboards is really clear to me !


To cheH: those guys probably don't earn more than the minimal wage of 325 pesos a day (= 6.4 USD/day or 5 Euro/day).


Incredible. That is not a billboard, it is a building.

19 Seconds Of Spring

That's really dangerous! ...nice work Sidney!

cool daddio

My very first thought before reading was 'SANDALS?' how can you climb steel in sandals. Scary to be reminded of both the callousness of corporate greed and the risks people are willing to take to make a buck.


Not just that. Take note that even some public firemen goes on a firealarm wearing short and slippers

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